Nicola Kirkaldy
Studio wipes; Allowing space and determining boundaries

                                                                                                                                filmed by Will Aeignette

‘All thoughts are prey to some beasts’ Bill Callahan
We were sitting in the backyard; it was exceptional warm for Scottish standards that day, discussing which way of making coffee would contain the most caffeine. We did not reach to an agreement and I didn’t feel the need to bring my story convincingly. After finishing my coffee, I went to the thrift store on the other side of the street, looking for a dress for a wedding that would take place that coming weekend in Orkney. I found a lovely red dress that appeared to come to good use many times after for that kind of occasions. Back in the garden I showed my dress to Bram, he said; ‘with that dress belongs these sunglasses’, and he gave me a pair of Gucci sunglasses from the seventies. I must say that he has an eye for detail. My mother came out with a bottle of wine and poured everyone, but Bram, a glass. In the past he had problems with alcohol and hasn’t been drinking for years. My parents always make sure that they have something replaceable in the house. I remember when I was little we went for a surprise visit for his birthday. After ringing his doorbell several times no one answered, my parents managed to get in and found him unconscious in his bed accompanied with a stench of alcohol.  From my parents faces I could read it was serious. As I took a sip of red wine Bram told me about a man he met at a reunion for gallery owners in Paris. That man was Jean Marc, he was late; he came rushing in from the gym, still wearing his sportswear with his collar up, something that attracted Bram, he did like outsiders, especially when they are unruly.  Bram remembered Jean Marc, they have been working together in gallery exchange projects in the eighties. Too shy to approach him, he started talking to a lady that was heavily pregnant with twins. Coincidentally the lady also was an acquaintance of Jean Marc who, in a meantime, joint in the conversation.
I looked at the time and realized that I quickly had to catch my train to Glasgow I hastily said goodbye and left in a hurry. That week we would meet each other again this time in Glasgow.